Story from Jean Claude Munyemana

My name is Jean Claude Munyemana. I am 30 years old and I live in the Rulindo district. I live alone in a small house left to me by my parents.
I was born with only partial ability to speak and did not have a chance to go to school as my parents were very poor. However, as a youth even though I had this health problem, in my dreams, I had always wanted to own a barbershop. On the other hand, I had some fear that it would involve a lot of speaking directly to a lot of clients. I was concerned that this would raise some problems that would affect the business.
Throughout my life, it has not been very easy for me to make a living due to my condition. Most of the time I ended up asking for help either from my neighbors or from a local church. I really have always wanted to learn a profession so I could stop asking for either food or clothes from people. I have always had this hope that one day my life will completely change.
I was thrilled to hear from the district that I have been selected among the disabled youths who are going to participate in a supportive program called The EmployAble. It really raised my hopes and now I am learning how to knit clothes which is an alternative profession to my earlier dreams. I think it is even better for me and I am really loving it !
Although in the beginning everyone here could not understand my form of communication, now it seems that everybody went to school to learn my communication style. This makes me feel even better. I am learning a new profession as I have always wanted. Being around other people, working together on a team makes me feel that I am no longer lonely. I know that the skills I am acquiring here will change my life. In the future, I plan to come together with my colleagues here to start a cooperation.

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